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Are you considering selling your land or equipment?

Are you considering selling your land or equipment? Have you considered selling via a Live Auction? Miedema Auctioneering has over 30 years of experience selling farm land & equipment! Contact us today at 1.800.527.8243 for more information!

Miedema Auctioneering is an auction company that conducts live and online auctions for individuals and businesses in West Michigan and across the country! Auctions are a fantastic way to sell your property. The first reason is that they are very little work on the part of the seller. As the auction company, it is our job to photograph and record the details about each asset in order for there to be as much information as possible for potential bidders to read. We do all the marketing (although you can do your own in addition to our own) so that the right people are informed of your auction and are ready to participate when the day comes. Auctions also allow your company to receive a higher selling price for most of your assets than you would receive if you tried to resell them on your own. This is due to the fact that in auctions individuals are driving up the price as they compete with other bidders for your items. People bid to win, and come prepared to buy your assets.

We conduct auctions for both individuals and large businesses. Individuals looking to sell only one or a few pieces of equipment will want to look into participating in one of our consignment auctions. These auctions allow groups of individuals to sell their equipment side by side in the same auction if they do not have enough equipment for their own auction like a large company would. That being said, large companies will be able to have their own auction dedicated to selling just their assets and equipment. Contact us today if you are interested in auctioning off your assets with us!

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