Did you know that we conduct appraisals across the US? | Miedema

Did you know that we conduct appraisals across the US?

Did you know that we conduct appraisals across the US? If you have Industrial, Agricultural, Construction or Commercial Equipment that needs an appraisal give Miedema Appraisals a call today at 1.800.734.1112 or visit www.miedemaappraisals.com

Miedema Appraisals is our appraisals branch of the Miedema companies. An appraisal is essentially a professional valuation of your company or assets that allow you to know what your assets are worth. There are many types of appraisals – from equipment to commercial to agricultural – and our appraisers are skill in all of them! Our appraisers take the time to look over all of your assets, recording everything about your items in order to determine the proper value of your property. They will look at how an asset has been cared for over the course of its life, evaluating the way it has been stored and analyzing any maintenance records that are available. This will give them a good idea of the depreciation of the item and what it is still worth.

There are many reasons that you may want to have an appraisal conducted. The first reason is simply to know what your equipment or company is worth. It is important to stay on top of your finances and understand the value of your assets. Appraisals can often be used as a way to refinance or expand business operations. Second, it is important to know how much certain assets have depreciated. In order to keep yourself and your team safe, you want to make sure that your equipment is in good working condition. Third, many construction companies need their equipment appraised in order to work on state construction projects such as road work. They have to prove their their equipment is working well. We are honored that Miedema Appraisals is a MDOT approved pre-qualification appraiser. We want to help as many companies work for the state as possible!

If you have any other questions about Miedema Appraisals and the appraisal process, contact them here.