Sell your Construction, Landscape & Farm Equipment In Our LIVE Auction

Sell your Construction, Landscape and Farm Equipment within our Flint, MI LIVE Auction

Thursday, June 23rd we will be auctioning of construction equipment, landscape equipment and farm equipment via a one day LIVE auction in Flint, MI. If you have equipment you would like to sell within this auction contact Chuck today at or 616-560-0839 to consign your items within this auction!

*Advertising deadline: May 31*

Live auctions are a fantastic way to easily liquidate equipment that you no longer need. You don’t have to deal with negotiating a price with a potential buyer, you simply let us do all of the work! We will take care of the whole process so that all you have to do is sit back and relax. We will market your auction and interact with bidders to answer questions that they have about the auction. We have a huge pool of loyal bidders who are ready to bid on your equipment, so you don’t have to worry about making sure that enough people will find your sale to make it worth your while. Live auctions also give you the advantage of knowing exactly when your assets will be sold. While in a more traditional equipment sale you might just wait until someone makes an offer, at an auction you know the exact time that your equipment will sell. Who doesn’t love that certainty! Live auctions are a great way to quickly sell your equipment so that you can reinvest into your next equipment purchase! Interested in selling with us? Regardless if you only have one or two pieces of equipment or a huge inventory we will be able to help! Contact us here for more information.

Looking to buy equipment? This is your chance! Equipment auctions are a great way to upgrade your current machinery without paying a ton of money at a dealership. Plus, live auctions are a ton of fun to attend and participate in. Check out our upcoming live auctions here.