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Miedema Auction Areas of Specialty

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Miedema Auctioneering offers a wide array of auction expertise. Having conducted everything from Farm & Agricultural Auctions to Real Estate & Industrial Auctions, we know what we are doing. Construction equipment in particular is one of our main focus. We have sold millions of dollars of assets since we were founded. Miedema Auctioneering has sold equipment for companies that have decided to close, liquidate certain assets or a number of other reasons. Throughout the years we have found that many bidders like purchasing construction equipment through live auctions as our auctions almost always have an array of brands and manufacturer offered and are not limited to one specific brand of equipment. If they were simply to visit a dealer they would only be able to view one brand. Another popular aspect of live auction is the “no pressure to buy” environment. At an auction you are not pressured into buying a specific piece of equipment like you might be with a sales person following you around a show room. At auctions, you are able to inspect the equipment in person at your convenience, with no obligations no purchase. Our live auctions also offer the convenience of bidding live in person, or online if you are not able to attend the auction itself. Many bidders may think they need to be present to bid but that is not the case with Miedema Auctioneering auctions! We always try to offer multiple ways to bid. Many people view a live auction as a “one stop shop”. Many of our live construction equipment auctions offer a variety of equipment that range from items within a shop to equipment such as excavators to bulldozers to loaders. All of the Miedema auctions conducted by our companies are conducted to help you get more for your assets. Contact us today about setting up an auction.

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