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Meet our Auctioneer: Jeremy Miedema

Jeremy Miedema is one of our live auctioneers here at Miedema Auctioneering. Jeremy has been around the auction world since he was a little tyke ( see picture below, far right)! Recently we sat down with Jeremy and asked him a few questions about being an auctioneer.

  • How long have you been an auctioneer for Miedema Auctioneering?  Almost 4 years as an auctioneer but have been working at auctions as long as I can remember
  • What made you want to become an auctioneer?  I grew up around auctions and watching my Dad sell. I have always loved tractors and other equipment and knew one day I would become an auctioneer.
  • Where did you go to Auctioneer School at?Reppert Auction School in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • What is your favorite aspect of being an auctioneer? The excitement of selling and interacting with people.
  • What is the craziest item you have ever sold.  I have sold a lot of interesting things at charity auctions but nothing jumps out at me right now.
  • Outside of being an auctioneer, what are your hobbies?  Boating and Hunting