The Coolest Items We’ve Sold at Auction | Coolest Items Sold at Auction
coolest items sold at auction

The Coolest Items We’ve Sold at Auction

Check out the most interesting items we’ve had the chance to sell

Here at Miedema Auctioneering, we typically find ourselves selling farm equipment, heavy machinery, and other commercial assets. But every once and awhile, we have some great items come through that aren’t sold in your everyday equipment auctions. We love having the chance to auction off interesting items, as they keep us on our toes and often bring in different bidders. The infographic below shows some of the coolest items we have been able to auction off across all of our companies!

coolest items sold at auction

Do you have anything unusual or particularly famous that you are interested in selling? Think about selling your items through an auction! Specialty items often stir up a buzz and bring in a large pool of interested bidders. Auctions drive up the price of your item as bidders compete to win, resulting in a higher selling price than you would most likely receive in a traditional sale. Not sure where to start when conducting an auction? We can help! We are an auction house in West Michigan and specialize in both live and online auctions. We have several sister companies that allow us to focus on more tailored industries in order to serve our bidders better. You’ve seen some of our top unique items, but there is even more that we have had the chance to sell. Contact us with any questions about our company, auction process, or anything else! We would love to set up a time to talk with you about selling your assets. Interested in learning more about the auctions listed in the infographic above? Click the links below for more information about each auction. We hope you enjoyed learning about our coolest items sold at auction!

Cash for Life Lottery Ticket

Cinderella Carriage

Private Island & Lodge

Al Capone Smith & Wesson .32 Revolver

Joe Louis Arena Seats

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