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Hudsonville Live Equipment Auction

Get ready for our annual fall live auction in Hudsonville!

It’s one of our favorite times of the year! We love our live equipment auction that we host with the Hudsonville Fairgrounds. This auction allows us to sell off items for members of our community who aren’t able to host a full auction themselves. We are happy to be able to cross our love of live auctions with the community we cherish. There will be four auction rings: construction, farm, lawn/garden and miscellaneous equipment. The auction will be held on Saturday, December seventh at 10am. The auction is located at the Hudsonville Fairgrounds (5235 40th Ave.). Online bidding is available on on Rings 1 & 2. Click this link for more information about the auction.

Live auctions are a great place to purchase used equipment and other assets. Often times you can find quality items with only some use for great deals. The final bidding price will reflect the true market value of the asset in its current state. If you end up as the highest bidder, you will truly be paying exactly what you value the item at compared to the rest of the market.

Looking to sell your items? There is still time for you to participate in this auction! Just bring your items by starting December 2nd through the 5th (we will stop taking small items on Thursday the 5th)! We will still accept equipment on Friday the 6th as well. Contact Chuck at (616) 560-0839 for more information about consigning your assets in this auction.

If you aren’t quite ready for this auction, contact us about our upcoming auctions! Auctions are a great way to sell your items as you can often get a better price than you would in a traditional used equipment sale. As bidders go back and forth they will drive up the price further, bringing the true market value to light. Auctions also take the stress off your shoulders as the seller, as you don’t have to worry about marketing or finding the right people to buy your items. We have been around for a long time and have a loyal pool of bidders that will be incredibly interested in your items. Contact us with any questions about our company, or if you are interested in holding an auction with us!

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