Trouble with streaming Proxibid Audio/Video? We have the fix.


Proxibid has identified an issue between the most recent versions of Google Chrome, Firefox and Adobe Flash, whereby Chrome and Firefox now block Flash by default. This issue could impact any seller using the web encoder for audio and video streaming. Adobe is aware of the issue and is working toward a fix. In the meantime, following the instructions below will reverse this block and allow your stream to play.


For Chrome:

  1. Open “Settings” in Chrome

2. Once in “Settings” click “Advanced”

3. Click “Content Settings”

4. Click “Flash”

5. Under the “allow” section, click “ADD” and type

6. Restart Chrome


If Flash is not working in Firefox, we reccommend using Chrome and following the steps outlined above. 

If you have questions regarding this issue, please contact your Account Manager, or call Proxibid Customer 

Support: 877-505-7770