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Complete Operating Turn-Key Offering: Equipment Rental Company

Accepting Offers Through March 17th 2020

We are excited to announce another one of our complete turn-key offerings! We will be selling an equipment rental and sales company. Offers will be accepted through March 17, 2020. The address as well as the name of the business is confidential – you must fill out our non disclosure agreement for more information. However, the company is located in Central/Mid Michigan. The Asset Sale includes the Book of Business, all real estate, all operating equipment, remaining inventory and rental equipment inventory. This business has established a niche in the rental industry, with the ability to serve both regional contractors as well as more general “do it yourself” clients. The company will be available through a sealed bid auction. Place an offer here.

For a complete and detailed list of equipment and other assets available in the sale, please click here and fill out the NDA.

Have further questions you would like answered? Please contact Brennen Lubbers

Brennen Lubbers
Phone: 616-265-6842

What is a sealed-bid auction?

The majority of the auctions that we conduct are live or online auctions. If you’ve been around with us for awhile you are probably pretty used to that environment. So, we wanted to give a short explanation for a sealed-bid auction. Essentially, each bidder submits what they are willing to pay for the assets and whoever offered the most money will win. It’s still considered an auction, but buyers don’t have the opportunity to bid back and forth against each other or see what other individuals are bidding.

If you have any further questions about the auction or would like to inquire about our other auctions, please contact us here. Happy Bidding!

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